Find Duncan Cabinets in Perth for your kitchen renovations

Choosing our expert team for your kitchen renovations will save you time and money!

Thinking of undergoing renovations on your kitchen? Before you undergo a DIY kitchen renovation, there are many elements that you need to consider. Here at Duncan Cabinets, we provide the people of Perth with convenient, time saving kitchen renovations that not only reflect your personal style and taste, but save you money the first time around. Our team can work with your needs and wants in a kitchen and create a dream design that will match the current layout and design in your home.

We recommend that you follow these 6 easy steps below when undergoing your kitchen renovation in Perth;


Kitchen Renovations

1. Find your kitchen renovator first. Go to a cabinet maker’s showroom, see what services they have to offer, this will help you gain an idea of what type of style you are going for in your kitchen. Professional kitchen renovation companies like us, Duncan’s Cabinets, can provide you with expert advice or a free design for your future kitchen renovations. Before beginning, we recommend that you make sure you are completely satisfied with the kitchen renovation plans suggested by the experts, as changing your mind once you begin can cost you more money down the track.

plumber - Kitchen renovations Perth

2.Once a client has approved our final proposed kitchen designed, we suggest to see if any changes to the plumbing and electrics need to be made. Calling a plumber and/or electrician in for suggestions, or to check everything over before the kitchen renovations begin is a good idea. For example, the plumber may need to disconnect the kitchen sink pipe and the electrician may need to increase/reposition any power points.

kitchen Installation- Kitchen renovations Perth

3.. Duncan’s Cabinets recommends arranging all of these jobs to be completed during and throughout the kitchen renovation competition time. Here at Duncan’s Cabinets, we can finish your kitchen renovations in Perth in just one week! During this time you may want to ensure that you’ve contacted a stonemason, a plumber and an electrician to arrive before and after the renovations. We recommend that being organised and arranging your time management throughout the renovations process. This will not only make tradies’ lives easier, but it will also mean you will be able to enjoy your new, modern and stylish kitchen a lot sooner than you think!

kitchen installation renovations Perth

4. After the plumber has disconnected the plume, rip off the old kitchen, and then let Duncan’s Cabinets to install the new quality kitchen cabinets for your kitchen cabinets within 1~2 days, and within just 3 working days, we can finish installation of the flat pack kitchen stone. At this stage of the renovation process, we recommend that you call the plumber to re-connect the plume.

tile installation

5.Once your new cabinets have been installed, we recommend that you call a tiler to come and lay all of the tiles or splash-backs required, of course leaving space for all of the necessary power points. Once the tiling is complete, contact your local electrician to install all the power plugs.

final job - kitchen renovations

6. Enjoy your new kitchen

If you require more tips or additional help with your kitchen renovation in Perth, contact Duncan’s Cabinets today!