The Reasons of Choosing Duncan’s Cabinets for Your Kitchen

Kitchen Cabinets

Instead of 16mm normal chipboard, Duncan’s Cabinets is using 18mm HMR (High Moisture Resistant) chipboard for the carcase,which is stronger than 16mm carcase but we still keep our product same price as the others.

gloss white kitchen doors

We are using the Hi-gloss white doors with a thicker vinyl than the others, so that our vinyl is more durable, and more shining. The surface is flatter due to the benefits of the thicker vinyl.

soft closing hinges

Duncan’s Cabinets only supply high quality kitchen cabinets, so that we using soft-closing hinges and runners to let you escape from the noise of closing your doors.

40mm stone benchtops

We choose 40mm stone benchtops instead of 20mm, which the benchtop will looking more solid, stable and durable for the 40mm stone benchtop, and with the semi-manufactured stones, we can finish your kitchen in 3-4 days.

For the backboard, we also choose 18mm HMR chipboard instead of 3mm thin board. it will make the cabinet more stronger.

The runner is hydraulic metal side soft closing instead of wooden drawers, it will closing and open without any noise and last longer.